Day 982

Woke up in Tartu, went for a breakfast and then a race (5K and 10K, respectively). In-laws had come there as well, so we went for a lunch afterwards. A 2-hour train ride home and a long evening with the European Championships on TV, good to fuel the running motivation, too. Quite a normal day, eh?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

After a long day in Tartu, we arrived home around 7.30 pm and decided to do a short recovery bike ride. Passed by our land and admitted we have to make some detailed plans about it. That’s it. +worked a bit on a book editing project on the train = made money.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Sorry, didn’t do any creative writing. But thought about it in the bed and made plans to start with it first thing in the morning…

3. Win a major race.

2nd day of stomach-back ache, but slightly better than the day before. So, the race day promised to be a quite good one. Doable. I had a 10K race ahead of me, while my husband tried and won the 5K race. Good prizes, including a 100-EUR gift card to buy running shoes! Unfortunately, my 6th place didn’t bring home any prizes, but it was a decent race. Started next to one of the marathon-running triplets who became famous a couple of years ago because they ran at the Rio Olympic Games. There were still some knots in my stomach, the wind was all against me from the 5th km and I was left alone as everyone else was either slower or faster than me. No fun in trying to beat the find all by yourself! All in all, the result was 41.54, which meant that I lost 20 seconds to my personal best. It was a hot day and I was not at my best performance, although the shape is quite great at the moment, so should be happy about it. I am.

In the evening, went for a 30-minute bike ride, which was a great idea after sitting a few hours on the train. Nice recovery!

Photo of the Day


Trying to take a group family photo with a timer. Set it on 10 seconds, ran to the bench with the others. Then it took about 3 photos, but I got up before the 3rd was taken.

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