Day 984: Do Massage Therapists Spend Their Free Time Giving Massages?

If you ever thought that massage therapists and physiotherapists who live together give each other massages every day at home, then you were completely wrong. I have several jobs/tasks at the same company (=my own self-employed slavery) and I roughly do 5 hours of massage every week. It is a physical job and sometimes I do get tired of it, but 5 hours is not much, to be honest. Well, if I have a hard training on the same day as 3 massages, these all seem quite a lot! But this doesn’t happen every day.

My husband, who is such a kind person that he always tries to do as much as possible but actually harms himself with it (he spends all the time working and uses up his rest breaks to deal with the clients + he is reluctant to ask for more money even if he does more work…), he has 20+ appointments each week, which translates into 30+ hours of physical work. At least. 8 hours of massages/therapies a day – yes, this can happen. If you add small breaks in between and maybe a lunch… the day gets really long. Do you think that I get a nice massage once we are at home? No. Maybe only when I have one of those bad headaches and I whine sufficiently enough to make him do something about it. In fact, he is usually too tired to do anything. And he trains, too. As much as it is possible with such a job. He is a decent runner, sometimes wins smaller races, but could be better if he didn’t sacrifice and kill himself with the job… I am always saying that we need to increase the price, he is doing too much for too little money. His 1-hour sessions are more like 1 hour + 15 minutes because he wants to provide a really good service. Ugh. When we come back from Great Britain after a few months of break, we shall re-open in January and will have more competitive prices. When I compare our prices with some other places… well, we aren’t the cheapest, but we have some room to improve! While 75 minutes of physiotherapy at our company costs EUR 38, then many places do 40 minutes for EUR 40! To match the same price-time ratio, we should double the price!

Where was I going with this babble anyway…? Just wanted to say that we don’t have much time for our own massages. I, too, have to book an appointment in his busy calendar. The interval between my 2 appointments was 1 month. Some clients come twice a week… OK, this particular client was away for a while and he did need a massage as he was due to represent Estonia at the European Championships (marathon runner). To end this story here… the most annoying people are those random new acquaintances who, after hearing that we do massage/therapy, announce that they would want a mini-therapy/massage right now just to see what we can do. No. No way. We are entitled to spend our free time without thinking about work and doing our job all the time. It is the same with hairdressers, I have heard. So many people think that at a party is the best time where to cut their hair, using random (bad quality) scissors and in the darkest corner possible. If you meet a professional outside their daily workplace, please be so kind and do not bother asking for a free service. You wouldn’t ask a gynaecologist for a quick check-up on the kitchen table, would you?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Did some work stuff. Not very successful at it. The day kept slipping away from my hands. But did get bits of a longer translation done. Well, actually, another food delivery from a supermarket came which meant that I didn’t go to the store myself and thus saved some money.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Did write, oh yes. But not as much as anticipated.

3. Win a major race.

1-hour easy run. Quite OK. And… it was MY turn for a massage! The appointment that I had waited for more than a month. Finally! I do have appointments for every coming week up until the big marathon day (9 September). All of them have been booked more than a month in advance. Hamstrings were quite sore, but my husband said that they were in a pretty good shape. My muscles had never been so good. Well, they did hurt a bit more afterwards in the evening, but not for long.

Photo of the Day


This is simply the only photo I took that day. Mjauki, our 7-year-old shy cat who is at the same time very vocal and has quite a singing voice! Her favourite place in our apartment.


  1. Same when you are a lawyer! Everyone wants free advice and they don’t seem to realise it’s your job. Don’t think they would work for free… not easy!


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