Day 987: Finally Writing

Considering the fact that I finally started with my creative stuff, the day was successful.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Started another blog that had been haunting me for a while by then. This one is again in Estonian and all about my modest investments and saving tips. I felt that I have so many things to say about this matter and that other people could learn from this as well. I am not a major investor with a massive portfolio, but people like me also need some encouragement and motivation. I have surfed around the other blogs and it does seem that people nowadays also try and invest smaller amounts. Every small sum can grow into a big one over time, especially if you give it enough time. I hope this new blog will increase my investor motivation and the traffic there could also help to raise some money via the referral/affiliate links I’ve included. And this goal needs money the most. In case you have miraculously learned how to speak Estonian or are a native speaker by any chance, you can check the Introvestor blog out.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Yes, I did finally write! Not just the blog, but also the “real” stuff. I mean creative writing. Partly autobiographical, partly fictional, if my own life is insufficient to engage the readers. I calculated that if I write at least 12,000 characters (with spaces) each day, I will have enough time to read through the entire manuscript, edit it, and submit it to the novel competition, the deadline of which is 1 September. I need 240,000 characters with spaces. 20 days for writing, some for editing, the part that I don’t really like… because meeting your own work for the second time can be terrifying.

+sent my coach the weekly report of my training. This too gets quite creative and includes elaborate descriptions.

3. Win a major race.

No training day. Not even 10,000 steps, but only 8,300. Sent the report to my coach and analysed the previous week. Hopefully, better days are yet to come.

Photo of the Day

This photo could represent almost any day. My daily dose of vitamins and minerals. I buy all mine all the way from the US, via iHerb, which is an absolute supplement and sports food paradise, but you do need some time to surf through it! Fish oil for a better immune system, anti-inflammation, and a properly functioning brain. Iron for better haemoglobin levels, cell production, and immune health. Zinc for immune health + it is a component of most enzymes in our bodies. Vitamin D for basically everything! Tyrosine to support adrenal function (hormone production). 5-HTP + vitamin C and B6 for a great nervous system and weight management. And… the only one not ordered via iHerb, BioCare Sucroguard to balance sugar cravings. I also take Doctor’s Best Q10 but only in teh mornings and mostly on those days when I need some extra energy. If I took it in the evening, I would have trouble falling asleep.

What do You Think?

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