Day 990: Long Day

This long day started with a wake-up at 6 am and ended with a book around 11 pm. 2 hours on a train, 1-hour run in Tartu, 1 hour 10 minutes on a bus, running errands in Võru, and then a 20-minute car ride – we arrived around 2.30 pm. Hustle-bustle, big family (I come from a classical “2 children” model family and my sister doesn’t have children of her own yet), preparations for a huge BBQ (13 people is a lot and it could have even been 15 if everyone had been there in the evening), grill-grill-grill, chill, talks, etc. And then the day was over, another important one waiting ahead.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Massive family reunion in South Estonia meant meeting many people altogether and talking about our plans again. At one point, I found myself praising our small town, certain that it will soon explode in terms of development and become more and more desirable. Soon, it will not be an awkward factory town with odd buildings. Soon, real estate and land will be expensive. Fortunately, we already have both. As soon as we are able to move into the house, we can rent the apartment out. The rental situation is crazy. As soon as someone posts on the Facebook group, saying that they have a place to rent, there are like 10 people who all want it, no matter what the apartment actually looks like… People are desperate for an apartment because the market is simply empty.

Anyhow, talking about our small town, its proximity to Tallinn, and infrastructure, made me feel surer that I want to build an entire life there, although I am from another place altogether and have no ties with Kehra. This certainty feels good.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Raided the bookshelves in my in-laws’ house and picked up one fiction book. A twisted picture of Estonian society, full of smart nuances and references to famous people. If you are an Estonian, you will understand it. It wasn’t one of those books that don’t let you sleep at night (like I Let You Go did), but I was carrying it around with me for most of the evening while we had a BBQ. I keep telling myself that reading other people writing is good for my style and writing skills. As long as I ultimately step forward from this stage, it is fine. Cannot be a reader forever. Stephen King explained in his On Writing (a fabulous inspiring book!) how he has a routine of writing in the first half of the day and reading books by other people in the evening and reading a lot!

Used some of my creative energy to prepare interesting hamburgers for dinner. At first, I wanted just to marinate chicken (better than buying an already marinated version) and grill this, but then we decided to go for burgers as well. Pork + chickpeas + onion, garlic + spelt flour + blackcurrants from the garden and chicken + chickpeas + onion, garlic, dill + spelt flour. Was good! And I didn’t even mind spending most of the evening by the grill.

3. Win a major race.

We could have hopped onto an earlier bus in Tartu and arrive in Võru sooner, but there was no point being there before 1 pm as no one could pick us up from the station (20 km to the final destination in the middle of forests). So… we had time. Of course, it was a great idea to get the day’s run done. 60 minutes easy run is much easier in Tartu than in the hilly part of Estonia! 5.27 is not the most impressive pace, but quite great for an easy run, especially with the heart rate average of 132 bpm. And… for the first time my “performance index” increased to 54 (I have a Suunto Ambit 3 Run watch). With the marathon coming in 5 weeks, each step towards a better shape calls for a celebration.

Photo of the Day

I feel at my best if I am allowed to cook. A bit of a control freak when it comes to letting other people cook for me when visiting them. Maybe it’s because I am a nutritionist and suffer from a mild version of orthorexia = the desire to eat the “right” thing and obsessing about it.

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