Day 991: Meeting My Old Work

Day 991, 2 August was about meeting my old self. Let’s admit that it’s sometimes quite difficult to accept your old “you”. This person may feel like a complete stranger, even someone unpleasant, someone you don’t want to know. I have tried to read my earlier work and it was naive and amateur and I wouldn’t read it if it was published. I wouldn’t buy a book written by old me. I have had several (unfulfilled) goals like “publish a book before turning 12/15/18/25”, but maybe it’s a good thing I’ve only had shorter pieces published. Maybe I am not ready for a great book yet. Maybe. On the other hand, I know that there are so many stories boiling in me that I’d better start. Even if it is just for practice. This helps me to grow.

Oh, and my old diaries or even blog posts from 12 years ago? Was it really me uttering those words, writing that nonsense, thinking in such a way? What the hell?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Translated a bit and gave two massages, sent out some invoices = earned money + paid a salary to myself. It was my turn to get paid! Actually, I could pay a modest salary for both of us, but have decided to invest it instead and let it grow, so next year we could get higher dividends from the company.

2. Write AND publish a book.

I actually imported my finished MA novel, for which I received my MA degree in Creative Writinf from Bath Spa University, to translation software Trados. Ugh, software update, it took such a long time. I tried to translate it but after a paragraph I wad bored… I got a degree for this?? OK, maybe the good parts are not in the beginning. I was approached by a literary agent after she read those 1000 words that were published in our course’ ms anthology. But… she didn’t like the rest. The novel was inspired by my own life but those parts that are not actually “real” are the best. Should write less about myself?

So, I was toying with the idea of using the most attractive parts of the novel and constructing a new story. Also, I checked some other folders on my computer, including stuff from last year and this April. I WAS IMPRESSED. This, carefully constructed beautiful prose was by me? 2 stories, 1000 words of each, incomplete, but with some true potential. During the 2nd massage, my mind wandered and I might even have a great story to tell! Win!

3. Win a major race.

Quite decent morning run + group session/drills in the evening. Throughout the day, mostly ate fruit and cottage cheese. Felt quite motivated as a friend complimented that I had lost weight, so didn’t want to ruin this either. Dinner, however, became too heavy. Our 20.02 train didn’t come, major delays, so we had more than an hour (until 21.15) to spare and ate dinner nearby, not at home. There’s a BBQ place near the train stop. Big burger. Yes, lots of protein, but for me the mayonnaise sauces are too fatty and not tasty either and there was a lot of it…

Photo of the Day

I did finish the coconut milk-green tea ice cream (= put it into the ice cream maker), but it was too ugly for a photo and it was dark already. So, this time, I’ll give you our younger (7-ish) cat Mjauki. A bit shy rescue cat who is testing her boundaries by climbing onto the shelf, which is usually Miu’s territory + Mjauki is very calculating when it comes to jumping somewhere. Miu just does it but Mjauki sometimes doesn’t even dare to try.

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