Day 992: It’s August

Wednesday, 1 August, the last month of summer. A bit more than a month to go until the marathon and moving away from Estonia. A month to go until a novel writing competition, for which I know I should and want to submit something, but am not sure if I have anything worth it. Reading my old works is often quite discouraging, these are not good…

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Did some work, so earned money for our big plans. Also, received a food delivery from the grocery store. Why is this important? If I order food in large amounts, I don’t go to the store myself and don’t buy all the things that I DON’T need. So, saving money a bit. I have been writing our expenses down and the amount we spend on food is awful. Would be even worse if we ate more meat and fish. Fruit and vegetables are quite OK in terms of price. Unfortunately, none of the stores deliver to our home. They do deliver to our neighbouring county just 20 km away. Maybe one day, they will expand their reach! Good thing that we work in Tallinn, I have got into the habit of ordering from various stores to our office. Considering the size and weight of these bags (mostly full of fruit like pineapple, watermelon, etc.), I would never get to home with those… At least as long as we don’t have a car.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Thought about creative writing and even wanted to fill in my notebook… but the heat and the morning training finally got to me as I arrived home in the evening, so I read some more Poirot stuff, which I don’t particularly enjoy, but want to get to the solution anyway, fell asleep on the sofa, and after waking up used my creative energy to invent a coconut milk-green tea ice cream recipe (the ice cream mix is in the freezer waiting for me to get the ice cream maker out).

In fact, I wrote a long-ish food blog post about iced coffee, too. I am quite proud of it! At least did something to exercise my creative mind.

3. Win a major race.

Wow, a good and tough training. 15 km, which turned out to be 16 as I went to a place where I have not run before and it turned out to be a bit longer. I had to run at a moderate pace, so it was slightly demanding, but doable. The heart rate had to be around the aerobic threshold. This is one of those important marathon workouts. The overall pace was 4.52, which is fine for this weather. My PB for such long runs is around 4.45, so have done better. Of course, I have also run a half-marathon with a 4.30 pace (and 10K with 4.09 min/km pace) but this was in a race situation.

Photo of the Day

Just a normal evening routine with Miu, our senior (almost 9 years old!) cat.

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