Day 993

I don’t have much to say, let’s get straight to the progress report!

Progress report

1. Own and live in a house.

Took the morning train all the way to Rakvere because I am not willing to learn to drive in Tallinn. Yes, a driving lesson. Should be over soon. I have been waiting for my exam date for quite a time now, the queues are enormous. Meanwhile, need to practice! This is a huge thing for me, I want to do it. I tried first 12 years ago, but failed… But if we want a house, it is much easier to build if you have a car that you can take to the building materials store, etc. I still don’t get it why people who cannot drive at all have their licences, but I don’t. Oh, yes, I am afraid of the exam, but will survive. I know I must.

+ translated quite a bit, earned money.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Read a bit in the evening. Also, while I was trying to fall asleep, two characters started forming in my head. Yes, sometimes this happens, it is similar to what Stephen King said in his fabulous book On Writing. Sometimes I hear a voice in my head (not crazy, just writer!) and it speaks to me, it has a story to tell. It is then my task to listen and write the story down. It is actually quite magical how it begins to unfold. You never know where you end up with this! I missed this feeling, this sense of urgency to write, now I JUST have to start… a story about a single mother with two children, leading a double life at night. Maybe she gets threatened, maybe it does become a thriller. As of yet, I am not even sure in which language (Estonian or English) it should be. Maybe just stop guessing and start writing?

3. Win a major race.

Sneaked in a quite early morning run as I had to catch the train. 6.30 am. The weather was almost nice, not hot yet and I found raspberries in the forest. Delicious! In the evening, did the main workout with my running club people (although I ran alone most of the time). Slightly hilly forest, 5×750-metre faster bits. Was better than I expected, even in this heat! Afterwards, we did some core work and as it ended quite early, I had extra time to take (jog) the long way to the train station and head home. 15.2 km in total. Daily total: 20.5 km. Felt pretty good.

A funny fact: my heart rate measuring chest belt annoyed me quite a lot while doing the speedy stuff. It was too loose. After the 4th, I stopped and adjusted it. Getting thinner?

Photo of the Day


Finally, it rained a bit! Didn’t see the rain itself, but did see the wet streets. The photo was taken in front of our apartment building. I normally don’t run with my mobile phone, but as I jogged to the train, I had it with me to check e-mails and use my time wisely while travelling. The phone wasn’t with me in the forest though.

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