Day 996: So Much Going On!

Day 996, 28 July, Saturday – a good day on many fronts. Weekends, especially summer weekends are always packed with activities and this weekend is extra special. You will find one reason out now and another, very special reason is directly linked to 29 July, day 995 of the countdown.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

20180728_154959In the afternoon, we actually went to our land. I have run past it numerous times and we have been there before, but it was some time ago. This time we went there as the rightful owners and considered what we should do next. It is overgrown, at least compared to May when we also took a closer look. But the situation is not hopeless, it just looks bad from afar! With a trimmer and some time, this can look a whole lot different. We also discovered that we have some yummy wild strawberries growing there. They were so sweet and delicious! And I thought that the strawberry season was way over already. We had some other berries there as well, but we didn’t dare to try half of them before we check with my mother or mother-in-law whether they are poisonous or not. You cannot really throw a picnic there right now, but with some work it will look pretty quite soon.

2. Write AND publish a book.

I am ashamed. The only thing I did was put my special writing notes notebook into my handbag, carry it around the stadium while watching the races and not taking it out at all!

3. Win a major race.

My training plan included some speedwork. 10x 1-minute sprints. Decided to visit the track because there I can have a water bottle handy and run faster too. The track does make a difference. Even I have started to believe in this. I went at 10 am and the heat was quite tolerable. There was a slight breeze which cooled the body down but also created some resistance. Nevertheless, I felt good and can be pleased with this workout. A bit hard, but not killing me. For the last 5 sprints, I put on my fancy spikes to get used to them more. Soon, I want to run 2000 metres on the track and have worn them only once before. The first time was awkward and my calves hurt afterwards, but this time, the second time was already way better. The spikes are beginning to feel comfortable. I can do this. I can run fast, although compared to the really fast women, I am doing some kind of weird snail thing right now. Afterwards, we went for a swim as the river is just behind the track – pleasures of living almost in the countryside! Refreshing!

After visiting our piece of land, we headed to Tallinn to the Kadriorg Stadium because it was the 1st day of Estonian Track & Field Championships. My husband, a physiotherapist, needs to give his Achilles some more time to recover (and the track is a killer for his heel) and I am a bit too slow for this at the moment to participate. True, I could have run the 10 000 metres 2 weeks earlier (but didn’t want to) and I did run the half-marathon championships and will do the marathon in 6 weeks, but the other distances are too much for me. I mean, I am too slow for them. Although… in 5000 metres, I am only 24 seconds away from breaking the barrier and being allowed on the track and I do feel I haven’t given my everything in 5K yet. Soon.

Estonia is small, so we know most of the people racing. Many of them are our friends. All this was much like a gathering of friends, so many familiar faces around the track, too. I believe that running at the championships can be quite thrilling with everyone cheering and shouting my name. Next year. I will be ready. So, this little trip to the stadium was like a motivation event.

Photo of the Day


When it was all over. This is not me collapsing on the track after the last sprint. This is me posing on the track. Voluntarily. Just look at the face, it’s a happy face!


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