Setting up a Countdown Clock on WordPress

A 1000-days challenge would not be quite right without a proper countdown clock sitting neatly on the website, right? It would give the readers a hint where I am exactly and would also push me forwards as the numbers would be ticking right before my eyes. I would see the time slipping away, urging me to act. So, I thought I would spend about 15 minutes to find a decent timer and attach it to this site… Yeah, right.

Free Countdown Clock?

I never knew finding a proper countdown timer for my WordPress website would be such a difficult task to accomplish. In my mind’s eye, it was supposed to be something as easy as “create a timer on a special website and then paste the HTML-code into a text box which is added to the sidebar”. Well, not that easy! I did find websites where to create the countdown clocks, but often they turned out to be available only if I paid. I wouldn’t mind paying a small amount for a pretty timer (say $£€5 or something), but I seriously don’t need some kind of monthly/annual membership plans costing £$€40 or more and giving me ultimate access to tons of timers. I just need ONE that works!

HTML Code Troubles

If I did manage to get through the process of creating a timer without swiping my credit card or typing in the Paypal credentials, I quickly stumbled upon HTML code troubles. At many times, I actually did get to a point where I could copy the code, but neither the “Text” nor the “Custom HTML” widget wanted to transform the sequence of gibberish into a pretty countdown clock image. <iframe> not allowed, <script> not allowed and all other error messages…

WordPress Built-In Milestone Widget

clockOf course, I started with trying out the milestone widget that WordPress has under its list of available widgets. This was the first thing I did. I was astonished. Can it be so simple? No. No. No. Yes, it works, but “2.7 years to go” wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. Where are the days, hours, minutes, seconds ticking away?? This is too vague, too general. Obviously, if I used or something, there would be more options to customise the site. Or if I chose another plan for my account and pay for it, I could download tons of fancy plugins. As I simply wanted a countdown clock and didn’t even have an idea which cool plugins I would need in the future, I chose not to pay for a plan. So, my ventures looking for a timer that would work had to continue…

Online Countdown Clocks

overIt is possible to create a countdown clock online and then share the link as you can see on the image above, taken from the site. So, this thing (and numerous others that I created while trying things out) is somewhere out there on the internet, ticking away my valuable seconds. So what? I need it on this site.

The Result

I admit that I gave up at one point and for the time being, there is an irritating Milestone widget located in the right sidebar, saying that I have 2.7 years to go. Well… Let it be until I think of something better!

What do You Think?

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