Day 998: Work, Work, Work

Day 998, 26 July, Thursday. Hot like all other days. Right now a hint of rain would be quite a miracle. The forecast, on the other hand, promises that everything is going to get worse. It always gets worse before it gets better. This actually makes people stronger. The bad things test your spirit and your willpower. If you get through the tough times, you are more likely to be powerful once the great days come too. And the great days do require some work as well, they don’t just happen. OR they do if you wish for them enough (anyone who has read The Secret or similar books will know what I am talking about), but wishing itself is already doing something rather than nothing.

Progress Report:

1. Own and live in a house.

Yet another day when I hide behind work. I translated quite a lot and even had to ditch my morning run when I realised that the deadline for a job was that very morning, not the next day. It does not pay as much as fancy IT jobs, but it does create some income and doing something that I actually get paid for is better than simply idling my hours away at the computer. So, I spent time earning some money + transferred some more to my Mintos account to play with (read: invest). All the money there is going to grow and get us closer to the house.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Translated. Blogged. No “real” creative writing. I did think of opening the notebook I keep for great ideas and drafts of new novels, but forgot about it once I got home. I didn’t even read anything and reading is good because it helps writers to elaborate their style, see what others are doing, and broaden their mind. Something needs to be done with achieving this point. Soon. These are all long-term goals after all.

3. Win a major race.

Skipped the extra morning run as I was working, but made up for it by catching a train half an hour later after our group running session (drills: high knees, jumps, sprints, etc.). I ran all the way to the further train stop and did an extra lap at home as well (normally, I would get home by running just 1.4 km, but I managed to log 3 km by choosing longer routes and basically just circling our house). The sprints in the group session were not very energetic, I could feel that 5K time trial I had completed just 24 hours before. All in all, however, 15.2 kilometres logged for the day and I was feeling quite amazing.

Photo of the Day


Fresh cold water after the group session and on my way to the train. Close to Lake Ülemiste where entire Tallinn gets its drinking/showering/laundry water. Courtesy of the water plant. Wish we had more of those! Photo also on Instagram, follow that account for more photos.

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