Day 999: Time Trial

The second day of the countdown and I wasn’t quite in the right mindset yet. It hadn’t kicked in that I was doing something extraordinary like achieving the things that I really want. Probably this will take some more time to set in and imprint itself strongly inside my mind. I believe that once this happens, everything will start happening at an ever-quickening pace. Of course, I should make some effort too, just waiting doesn’t bring any changes. Maybe I should make some kind of a plan? The kind of plan that I can actually follow. The thing is that I am great at planning… and then forgetting about the plan because the planning process itself was so great and the real thing seems too daunting. Maybe I should start with smaller steps? Do something little every day and watch how it grows. There’s an idea, yes.

Progress Report for Day 999

Day 999, 25 July was yet another hot day that I spent at home office, translating and swimming in my own sweat. The sun shines into our windows for most of the day and we only have windows on one side of the house, so no escaping there. This heat is making me really tired, no matter how much water I drink.

1. Own and live in a house.

Didn’t even think about the house, although we have this lovely piece of land waiting for us now. Didn’t waste time browsing the same mini houses online again and again, although we need one for my mother to live in. One thing I did for the house was raising money for it. I had quite a lot of translations to finish and so I worked on them, perspiring ever so much.

2. Write AND publish a book.

I didn’t actually do any creative writing. BUT I finished an article that was due for an Estonian running magazine. This was already the second article and I do get paid a little for them as well, so financial freedom here I come, etc. My first article was about lower back pain. Although I struggle with this myself as well and even had a mysterious inflammation in winter, which made running very painful, this is not exactly up my alley. I am married to a physiotherapist and know something about the exercises, but I was slightly bored when commissioned to write this one. This also included visiting a very specific lower back-themed seminar, aimed at physiotherapists. The second one that I finished on day 999 was my own proposed topic: sports nutrition. We agreed to do a series of nutrition-related articles in the magazine. It comes out every 2 months, so there is always plenty of time for writing. The first nutrition article was about the basics, but I tried to use a light conversational tone in it and included some examples, such as the Brownlee brothers.

Writing an article was semi-creative, at least better than translating which has a more restrictive nature. Some of my plans involve writing a book about nutrition for runners. In fact, I even started with that very book and it is sitting somewhere on my desktop. I also have quite a lot of recipes and 3-week menus already because I created them as my final paper for the nutrition school. Must. Get. Back. To. Them. Writing these articles can easily get me back on this track. I love nutrition. I love cooking. I love writing about. And I do have a food blog, which is only in Estonian though.

3. Win a major race.

Two runs in a day, quite fine. The first one was a “wake me up before sitting at the computer kills me completely” type of easy jog that took 5.5 km and included a detour into the supermarket as I noticed how I was running low on food at home. The second was supposed to be a time trial race5K, with other people and a train+bus ride away. My trainer wanted me to get the experience of running a time trial. It was part of a cycling event, in fact. Cycling was the main event, followed by a short run, great for those who are planning a triathlon (I most certainly am not). The start was supposed to be 19.50-20.10, runners let onto the track with 15-second intervals. But… I didn’t go.

The day was so hot that around 5 pm I needed to join my cats who had been horizontal for most of the day and take a nap. Short one. When I woke up, it was 6.55 pm and I had missed all the potential trains that would take me anywhere. I don’t drive. Yet. The train is the only way out. Buses to the capital would be pointless anyway, the train speeds 120 km/h and goes straight through the forest, reaching the city in 19 minutes, while cars/buses need to go around and they take 35-40 minutes.

I somehow forced myself awake and went out to do the time trial on my own. Fortunately, the sun had started to retreat a bit and it was possible to find some shade. My main fast running tracks were out of the sun at that time. I did a warm-up of about 3.8 km (including drills and some sprints), drank from my bottle that I hid next to a bench and pushed start for my very own 5K race.

I dream of breaking the 20-minute barrier (current PB 20:09), but I knew this wasn’t the day. Not alone. Not in this heat. I did a quite decent run, finishing with 20:53, which means my pace was 4:10 min/km. Can live with this. Overall, a good workout and I am glad that I actually did it. When I opened my eyes and saw the saliva-covered pillow, I was anything but ready for that strenuous effort. New PBs and victories, here I come!

Photo of the Day


Our awesome Mjauki, the shy cat, relaxing in the evening after a very hot day. Considering that I went running twice, did the laundry AND took it outside to dry and then back again, emptied all of our rubbish bins (food waste, packages, paper, general) outside, I did deserve similar relaxing moments once the day was over.


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