Day 1000: Kickstart!

At one point, I was waiting for the perfect moment to finally start the countdown of 1,000 days. There always seemed to be too much to do before I could focus on the task. I was postponing my dreams, delaying the future. I decided it was time to start. No more delays. I do want all this and better sooner than later! So, this is where it starts: 24 July, my sister’s birthday (the same, and my only, sister, who told me that I was getting soooo old, turned 26). We did eat cake because it was my sister’s birthday, but other than that it was quite an average day. Although… something big did happen! Let’s see how I did in terms of inching a bit closer to achieving my goals.

Progress report:

1. Own and live in a house.

Actually, the reason I didn’t want to postpone the start of my personal countdown of the 1,000 days was that in the morning we did something BIG that got us way closer to achieving this particular goal. WE BOUGHT A BIT OF LAND IN ESTONIA! It is in the same small town where we currently live in, a short train ride from work and the capital Tallinn. The real estate and land there have a reasonable enough price for us and we kind of like it there after having lived there for more than 1.5 years.


It is an old photo of the land but this is how our own little piece of Estonia looks like! Near a small forest (my mother who will get her own little house next to ours is determined that it is full of bears, foxes and all kinds of animals who are just waiting to visit us), in a quiet area of a quiet town. Now it is summer and it does not look so clear anymore. Instead, it is overgrown with grass and underwood. We are planning to go there on Saturday to check where the exact borders are and think about our next steps (cutting the lawn, obviously).

Actually buying the land was such a big step that it could maybe even balance the shortcomings of achieving the other goals…

2. Write AND publish a book.

Well, anyone who wants to publish or even complete a damn book knows that you need to be writing to do this. I have started and quit many writing boot camps. Finish your damn book, 30-day writing challenge, you name it! I am quite horrible at this, to be honest. On one Ryanair flight I devised a complex plan and outline for a book about creative writing. I was all fired up when I did it, ready to start writing. And then I didn’t. I still have the outline, scribbled all over my Ryanair ticket, and I still think it is genius. I just have to start writing this. And the other stuff, the fun creative stuff.

person uses pen on book
Photo by on

I could say that I worked hard on some translations and did some kind of writing. Not creative, but I was still thinking about and focusing on words. Moreover, translating brings in money, which I can then invest in Mintos and which shall bring me financial freedom, so at one point I could enjoy the life of a full-time writer-blogger-recipe inventor-running junkie.

Actually, I did one important thing which is somehow related to my creative writing. I applied for the Erasmus exchange program in spring and got in. So, this autumn I will have 3 months in Cardiff, studying Creative Writing. This is too short a period to look for proper accommodation (most of the landlords want to conclude one-year agreements), so I will try my hand at house sitting. Looking after other people’s homes and pets means I could live there for free. So far, I have the first place to live in September and on Day 1000 I also secured a 2+ week spot for us (husband coming too) in November. I think all the money I spent on the annual membership of Trusted Housesitters will pay itself off already with the first sit, considering the rental prices of the UK! How is it related to my writing? Well, I have yet another place to live for free (+the bonus of cuddly pets to take care of!) while immersing myself into creative writing. Living for free = less work needs to be done = more time for writing. Right?

3. Win a major race.

It should be quite easy to see the progress of this goal on a daily basis. Whenever I train, I inch closer to a better shape, faster times, stronger body, and winning-winning-winning. As I was supposed to compete on Day 999 (25 July), the training for Day 1000 was fairly easy. 30-minute jog, 2-3 1-minute speedwork sometime during it. It was hot like hell, the summer is draining all the life out of me, but I did go. As we went to my sister’s for her birthday, I also got a good amount of extra steps that day: walking to the train, buying her flowers from the market, walking to her apartment in Kalamaja. Due to the hot weather, I didn’t overeat before going there and she did have massive amounts of food waiting either, so possibly I will be less fat for the next race. Hahaha.

Photo of the Day

20180724_183103And here comes the photo of the day: at my sister’s place getting to know her new dog. Soon I will have house sitting assignments with dogs, so it was quite good to get a bit more familiar with them. She also walked us to the train and I got to hold Jacky’s lead. He is only 4 months old and did want to go in his own direction at times, but we even managed to get to the station on time and without too much fuss. Jacky is overly friendly, something quite different than my usual relationship with cats who tend to be quite independent! I do love my cats and I am a cat person, but looks like there is some room for dogs as well in my heart, especially if I am planning to spend a lot of time with them thanks to Trusted Housesitters assignments.

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