Time Frame: Why 1,000 Days?


Time is something that we all have in equal amounts and paradoxically also something that we never seem to have enough. I can imagine people stirring at home, protesting loudly that not everyone has the same amount of time (usually these people who are constantly lacking time). We do. 24 hours every day. The quality of life depends on how we decide to it. I will not lecture anyone about time management, although this is something to think about a little. Where does Your time go? Do You spend it smartly? Which activities could You drop? What could be their replacements? Maybe something that would edge You closer to Your goals.

24 Hours is not Enough, but Sufficient

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24 hours, one day might not be enough to fulfill three big dreams. If it was, You might have done it already. Or maybe not. Sometimes we tend to postpone things that actually do not take much time. “Later” and “tomorrow” easily become “someday” and “never”. In fact, sometimes it is better just do these small things as they can edge You closer to the really big things that matter. For instance, sometimes I feel like I don’t want to do the dishes. However, if I start doing it, the sink is usually empty only after 5 minutes. The task is complete and I can think of other things without it me in the background. 24 hours is not enough to achieve everything you ever wished for, but it is sufficient to complete small tasks that are on Your way. It is sufficient to take little steps towards Your dreams. This is because I shall be blogging every day (yes, you will see 1,000 blog posts, bombarding You every single day) to record my success and its tiny parts. Sometimes these tiny steps might take 5 minutes, sometimes hours, but doing something on a daily basis is what matters most.

So, clean Your sink, get the small things out of Your way and You shall be ready to tackle bigger ones. Because… with the momentum that You gain from completing something small, You can gradually build up. If something seems too impossible at the moment, it might because it seems too enormous. Do the tiniest bit, spend some thinking about it, and You are already on Your way towards success.


Why Do You Need 1,000 Days?

30-day challenges are quite popular and committing Yourself to 1,000 days (or approximately 33 months) might seem daunting. Why would You need such an enormous amount of time? Because things take time. Unless You are an overachieving, super-determined and organised person, You need more than one month to really succeed. With my goals, I know that I need months and months, years even. You cannot build a house or achieve a great shape (that wins big races) in 30 days. I could write a book so quickly, but not get it published. I decided that 1,000 days is a long enough period to fully commit myself. This way I know I am taking it seriously. Never know where this could take.

If something goes wrong within this time frame, You shall have plenty of time to fix it as well. The journey might not be only ups, there are certainly some downs on the way. Join me and You can read about all the ups and downs I will be facing. Check the blog, I shall put some kind of countdown timer here as well to better keep track of everything.

1,000 days is less than 3 years. Might seem like an eternity at first, but hopefully, it will be a joyful roller coaster ride that You can enjoy every minute of.


It is thought that the first 1,000 days of a baby (from pregnancy to two years) are the most crucial. During this time, the mother should carefully watch her nutrition because this time window determines the quality of the baby’s life. Not just a few years, but the entire life. Think of it. It could be applied to Your dreams as well. The first 1,000 days, this challenge could be a seed for a whole future…

What do You Think?

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