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You might already have a vague idea what You want to achieve. But maybe You don’t. Maybe You simply feel that “something” is missing and this “something” is making You itch, even when You cannot name it. Good. This is a start. Scratch that itch a bit and soon You could already know better and feel better as You start a journey towards Your goals.

Brainstorm Your Goals

With vague notions of what You want, You should start brainstorming. The whole idea of brainstorming might already sound old and tedious. Who hasn’t sat around a table with a bunch of people, trying to force ideas out of themselves? Probably everyone has done that. But have You ever done it for Yourself? This could be much more fun than it initially sounds. Believe me, I am the master of dreaming and planning (as of yet, not actually doing, but let’s improve this!).

How to Brainstorm?

  • Find 10 minutes of uninterrupted time when you can focus and a place where you can by yourself.
  • Get a piece of paper and a pen.
  • Close Your eyes for a minute and ask Yourself: “What do I want?
  • Open Your eyes and write everything down that You can think of. This is not the time to judge. Simply let Your mind wander, You might be surprised where it could take You.
  • Once Your hand hurts and You feel empty, stop and take a break. You might continue on another day or maybe just a few minutes later if You are not in a hurry.

Find 3 Main Goals to Achieve

If You dare to dream big and let Yourself fully go in the brainstorming process, You might feel that You want to change everything and do it right away. However, this enthusiasm is probably temporary as in reality You cannot do everything at once. Otherwise, You would quickly lose focus and burn out while trying to make too many efforts. It is the small steps that get You further. Slowly, but steadily. Therefore, look at your scribbling, Your goal-related stream of consciousness.

  • Do You see any patterns?
  • Is anything repeating?
  • Are there some things that are not so important in the first place?

Try and determine three goals You want to achieve. You may notice that maybe You want to achieve three very similar goals, let’s say that You want a house, a car, and a summer cottage of Your own. There is nothing wrong with wanting those things, but they are much the same as they all mainly need money to be achieved, although there could be alternative ways. If You pick only materialistic goals, Your main focus will be money. Focusing on something has proven to somehow adjust the Universe in such a way that You get what You want, but if something goes wrong, all these goals are in danger. Thus, I would recommend picking three different goals. If one of them is having a bad time, You could comfort Yourself with success with another goal. You could also have health (weight, well-being), relationship (getting married, finding a partner, having a child), spiritual, travel (visiting all continents), work (founding Your own business), or any other types of goals.

Write Your 3 Goals Down

Once You know what You want, write everything down on a piece of paper and put these goals into a visible place. Maybe sticking their goals to the fridge is not for anyone (You could hide them if You have visitors, but I encourage You to share Your goals), maybe having a small reminder in Your wallet or as Your computer desktop (or mobile) background also helps. Try and look at Your goals every day. This helps to keep the focus in place. Once the 1,000 days countdown starts, I will be blogging about my goals every single day and will list all the steps I took to or away from my goals on that specific day. Yes, every day. So, keep them handy.

Here are my goals. I will explain them more in future blog posts. I will also explain what to do if You achieve Your goals earlier than expected and how to expand the goal then. It can be taken to the next level, this is only the beginning!

So, here are mine, three goals, three different spheres of life. What are Yours?

My 3 big dreams


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