Why do You Need Other People?

Photo: SCULT estonia

In spring 2018, I signed up for a 10 000 m run on the track. Well, so what? At that point, I had never competed on track, but this was not all. It was no ordinary race. Our country, Estonia, was celebrating its 100th birthday and this was its people’s present. One hundred people decided to run 10 000 m each and attempt a new Guinness World Record. The event was broadcast live and I could see how far we were with this. I was number 62, so had some time before my big run. Time to get nervous. Time to realise that I was part of something big. To achieve the goal together, the average time had to be around 38.45. A few minutes faster than my personal best then (41.34). Luckily, quite a many men ran faster than 35 minutes, so when my time arrived, I could start the race against the clock peacefully, still giving my best, of course. I would have definitely not done it all by myself. Who could? Run a 1000 km in a row? Alone? No way. At least not with such a pace that it would help to enter the Guinness World Records Book.

Easier Together

Each runner was running their own race at their own pace, but in the end, they all mattered for the bigger picture. Maybe some achieved their new personal bests. Maybe some tried something new. For all this to happen, many people had to run in the middle of the night. I was one of the lucky ones to start not too early in the morning. Everyone was watching, on the track and online and this was definitely not the comfort zone. But knowing that so many people before me had done it and that quitting would mean ruining the entire event pushed me forward.

Photo: SCULT Estonia


If people are working together towards a goal, it is much easier to achieve. It is not just one person in their own little corner, making all the effort. It’s many people. The willpower and determination combined make wonders happen. Of course, if you start this journey of achieving Your three big goals within 1,000 days, you will be quite alone in this. Only You are responsible for the results. Still, other people shall help You. I am aiming to help You by writing this blog, by reporting my success and failures. This also helps me. I love planning things. Even more than actually doing them. This process is so much fun. But I do have to learn how to do things as well. Otherwise, I’ll be stuck forever, waiting for life to begin. Having to report during the entire 1,000 days will keep me on track. And hopefully, You can find some support from these posts as well.

Be proactive, comment, tell others Your stories, learn about theirs!

Do You have a good example where doing something together helped You a great deal? Let me know in the comments!

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