Do You Need a Change?


I started doubting the direction my life was heading towards when I had been 30 for about 3 months. It was a crazy time: training for the half marathon national championships, trying to finish off the first year of my second Master’s degree, working like crazy on translations because I only get paid when I deliver. No one pays me for simply being there, sitting at my desk. Was this how I had pictured my life at 30? I was actually even slightly depressed and wanted a big change. I submitted an application and participated in air traffic controller tests. Yes, I did. The interest in aviation took me all the way to the third round, the Feast II test, but then I failed. Too much. I didn’t become an air traffic controller student, but at least I tried. Tried to get such a job that would pay well and that I couldn’t take with me home so I could focus on the things I really wanted to pursue. I didn’t make it but after this, the storm subsided a bit. I could breathe again. And then, while breathing calmly, I felt the urge to achieve the three major things I’ve always wanted. It was time to break the routine.

Is Change Necessary?

The first question You should ask yourself is: do I need a change in my life? Take a deep breath and think about Your life for a moment. Embrace all the things that are good in Your life. Then think of Your typical day. Does it include all these activities that You cherish and value? Does Your life make You happy? Maybe it does. Maybe it’s fine. But is it the best You can do? Surely, You can take it up a notch, to 110% or even further. There’s nothing wrong with living the 60%, the 80% life, but would You forgive Yourself if You didn’t even try the 100%?

Even when everything is perfectly fine, some stirring is usually good as it helps to break the routine. In sports, the exercise routine needs to be changed every once in a while because the body gets used to it, adapts and does not develop at the same rapid pace it did when You first started. The same could be said about life in general. Occasionally, You need some discomfort to develop. It is important to love the things You have, You don’t have to become unhappy, but a little push can help into an even greater comfort zone. Take the challenge as something exciting, an adventure, it doesn’t have to weigh You down.

Are You ready? Then read about visualising and creating Your goals.

What do You Think?

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