Welcome to Your Dreams


Each year, when the date 03.03 (third of March) arrives I become one year older. In fact, I age every day, both in good and bad ways. However, each one of us has this one specific date that we call a birthday and it is often on this very date that we reflect back on our lives and think more deeply about the future.

In 2018, I turned 30 – quite a magic of numbers, isn’t it? 30 on 03.03. My sister, who at that moment was 25, thought that I was suddenly really old. I, on the other hand, believed that all the best things were yet to come and the goals just waited to be achieved. Wait. Wait. And wait.

About 3 months later, burdened with university stuff (pursuing my 3rd academic degree) and putting endless hours of work into a company I have owned for 3 years now – see, lots of 3s again! -, I became somewhat depressed and tired. What the hell did I want to do with my life? What did I want to achieve? Where did I want to be? One day I decided that there are 3 major goals for me to pursue and that I would give myself 1,000 days to achieve them and track my progress online to inspire others and keep myself on track. 

This is it. This is the place where I will share my stories. My success. My failure. Hopefully, this all helps You too to stay on track and finally get there! It is easier together. In my “career” as a long-distance runner, I have been convinced many times that achieving personal bests is more likely if you are not acting out a scene from The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner!

The countdown hasn’t started yet as I want to invite You to accompany me on this journey. How can You participate? I will post every day, focusing on a certain topic and then also reviewing the progress I have made. Progress about every single step I’ve taken. I shall focus on each of the goals and think about them every day.

Do You want to be on the same train? Don’t worry it has not departed yet. Or maybe it has by the time you get to read this? Then don’t worry either. You can still hop on. At your own time. When You are ready. Simply read the posts in the right order:

  • first, the Getting Started section that calibrates your mindset towards something that is possibly the biggest challenge of your life
  • then, the Countdown of 1,000 Days starting with the big numbers and getting closer to 0
  • last, the Follow-Up to know what to do after you have fulfilled your dreams

Don’t wait for life to happen to you, make it happen!